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How to create an account
Creating your account on CloudResume might be a long process for some, but keep in mind that once it's done, you probably won't have to do it again. Updates are made automatically for everyone. It means that you can update your résumé and everyone you send it to will be able to see the changes.

First, enter all the requested information in the step by step process. Only the Required field can be completed for you to be able to send your CloudResume to businesses. Be sure to complete it all for maximum reach.
How to Edit a resume
How to print/send/share a resume
How to interact with a business
How is JobMap working with CloudResume
How to share jobs and locations
How to filter businesses or jobs
Can I use JobMap or CloudResume on my cellphone?
Do I need to complete my profile to use CloudResume
How CloudResume work?
How JobMap work?
Can I send my profile to a business that is not on CloudResume?
How can I exchange with businesses in the messenger?
Can I connect with other users?
How to apply to a job?
Is CloudResume really free?
How do I use the references system?
What is CloudResume
CloudResume serve as your Dashboard where you can add locations, jobs, managers, import candidate from another platform. You can switch from your personal account to your business account and start interacting with candidates. It is your ATS in the cloud, it is your CRM in the cloud, it is your HR platform where you can have your Career page. Direct candidates to this platform to have unlimited active candidates for free, only pay when you have results and want to interact with candidates. Only pay for what matter.
How to create a business account
How to manage locations
How to add managers
How to Manage candidates
What is the CloudResume Button
How to manage an account (Edit and Settings)
How does CloudResume and JobMap interact with each other
How to share jobs and locations
What is free on the platform?
How can I use the same job on multiple locations?
How can I use the ATS integration?
Can I exchange with other managers on the messenger?
What is the difference between business manager and location manager?
What is an active candidate
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